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APPLICATION NOW – US Navy Scholarship | University of Washington. Completely Sponsored Scholarships For International Students

APPLICATION NOW – US Navy Scholarship | University of Washington. Completely Sponsored scholarships for international students


The United States Military Scholarship was established in 1948 on the principle that “education is the foundation of
a strong democracy, “said the United States Military Affairs Association (MOAA) Scholarship Fund
Subsidized in various amounts for students interested in pursuing a military career while studying in
U.S .

Through the Navy’s educational support programs, students are given the opportunity to pursue
both undergraduate and postgraduate, both in the undergraduate and at the traditional college and university levels. Moreover,
The Navy is prepared to pay most, if not all, of the education costs of their service members.

With over 1.3 million active military personnel who responded to the call to serve United
In order to keep its citizens safe, many organizations have set up scholarships for its members
the military and their families to return the brave men and women for their service.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • The maximum tuition fee is one year for the selected program (up to $ 10,100).

Number of scholarships:

2000 available.


  • The University-Navy program offers two distinct pathways for college students wishing to pursue
    Their education while serving in the United States Navy. The US Navy School program for sailors
    receive college credit for vocational training, and to complete subjects while on-campus or in-time
    deployment. The Navy Tuition Fee Program pays 100% of the cost of the courses offered at the Navy
    A college or university recognized during sailors’ hours.

  • Postgraduate and professional programs – Navy officers may pursue a master’s or doctoral degree.
    at the Naval Academy in California. Degrees are available in engineering, business, and
    information science.
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  • The US Navy Health Plan provides many educational opportunities for sailors
    Be interested in pursuing a career such as a doctor, dentist, nurse or health care administrator. Finance
    Assistance ranges from full or part-time tuition to paid salaries during the course and hands-on training.



Students at home and abroad can apply for this scholarship.
Candidates must register online
The referral date is April 24, 2018.
If English is not your native language, you must prove that your English is high enough to succeed
in your studies.


Application deadline has not been finalized this year, but is expected to remain unchanged
as last year. The deadline shown here is based on the date of last year.


Interested students who wish to study in the United States through the Military Scholarship Program may apply
The scholarship is below the link

Note: Scholarships can be used to cover tuition, books and supplies, and can be used throughout.
any term of the year award (including summer term)

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