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New Zealand Opens Portal For Visa Application for 2018- Apply Now

The economy of New Zealand is the 53rd-largest national economy in the world measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and 68th-largest in the world measured by purchasing power parity (PPP). It is one of the most globalised economies and depends greatly on international trade, mainly with Australia, the European Union, the United States, China, South Korea, Japan and Canada. The Closer Economic Relations agreement with Australia means that New Zealand’s economy is closely aligned with the Australian economy.

Currently it market is enlarging due to increase in foreign trade, labour force is required to meet supply daily and across the world, the country is seeking for labour force to push it economy to 20th by the end of 2018 said the prime minister Bill English


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Interested applicants should start and submit application HERE  or clickk the box below to apply

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  1. I wish migrate to new Zealand

  2. Rahma Ahmed yasin

    Hello iam rahma yasin from Somalia I finish secondary school so I really wish to migrate in New Zealand to continue my stopped education so plz N plz help me to find out that golden chance. Thanks alot

  3. Good evening
    My name is Mamady Dabo I’m student at commercial Scholl un Guinea Conakry
    Donc je suis intéressé.

  4. Dear sir or madam i feel so happy to hear that newzeland organize visa lottery i wish to move toyour nice country please help me to realize my dream.

  5. Am south Sudanese by nationality , am student oof st Mary college juba , am in second year, am offering education, I will be glad when you accept my application in your respective offices.

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  11. mariama Jalloh

    Hi my name is mariama Jalloh from guinne Conakry I was born in Sierra Leone and I am in highschool and the really need this portal please and at the same time I I will like to get a job please Sir or madam

  12. hi iam mohamed Ethiopian I live in somalia
    I finished high school
    so I’m so interesting too this chance

  13. I wish to apply pls give me the guide

  14. Hi m’y name is Bayereba souare from to guiee Conakry and i live un Conakry and i am in hagh school and thé really need this portal please and at thé same Time i will like to get à job please sur and madam

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  16. bahtiijjanbah101@gmail.com
    Hey! Nice to meet you.
    I’m interested of migration to New Zealand
    For work an skilled study’s
    Thanks I wish to hear from you soon

  17. Mohamed Ali Ahmed

    My name is Mohamed Ali Ahmed i am man by nationality age 27 and ccurrently live in Somalia i have both primary and secondary in kenya as Refugee in Dadaab kenya so i need further studies.
    So help me the Visa
    thank you.

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    Thx for ur considrtn

  19. Bonsoir moi c JC depuis la RDcongo, j’aime la Nouvelle Zélande, je vais vraiment avoir un visa , donnez moi les conditions pour y accéder, J’aime travailler en Nouvelle Zélande

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  21. murad j hame ali

    migrate to new Zealand
    my name ia ; murad
    last name ; ali.
    age ; 23 year .
    birth of day ; 24 / 11 / 1995.
    i have very match skills .
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    Migrate to new Zealand
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    I wish to migrate to new Zealand

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  27. Eng Mahamed Hussein Wais

    Iam very glad to hear this golden chance in job opportunities of new Zealand therefore I have been worked many different companies in Saudi Arabia and Libiya especially construction works and oil companies .furthermore interesting to apply new Zealand visa in order to get a chance for employment.

    Signed by end Mahamed Hussein WAIS.
    Email : keysewacays01@gmail.com.

  28. I am very glad to give us a huge opportunity to seek life which is better than ours so especially somalia’s people very needwell this chance

  29. I am Chidiebere peter Obalum,I really need to work in New Zealand.my number is +2348063261617 or +2348034601994! Thanks and remain bless!

  30. A Meknès le 20/12/2017
    Mohamed El Bouhtani
    Boufkrane Meknès
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  31. Bangaly keita

    Salut je m’appelle Bangaly keita étudiant en sociologie,je suis âgé de 24 ans.
    J’ai vraiment besoin de votre visa pour aller pour poursuivre mes études dans l’une de vos universités.

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